Why teachers should get paid more than they do!

I am one of those folks who sees the value in those around my kids. Teachers don't just teach kids basic math or writing schools, they help shape them for the future. If teachers were paid higher salaries, there would be more of an incentive for them to not only reach more children but they themselves would feel more valued for their work. Many teachers get paid less than that of a garbage man. How is that fair!? We need people who not only shape and motivate our kids into having a brighter future but people who know they are valued for doing such a thing.

May 31, 2020 2:43 AM

I agree with this 100%. I also think police officers, nurses, doctors, firefighters, and other services required to keep a community going need better pay as well.

Very few even consider what you mentioned either, that some garbage men/women earn more than the average teacher. That is just disgraceful.

May 31, 2020 3:35 AM

They tell you that college graduates earn more on average but they seldom take into account what teachers at lower grade levels make. Unless you are a teacher at a college or private school, you don't make that much. Not as much as one would think anyways.

June 15, 2020 6:03 PM

Teachers have been undervalued for a long time. The ones that tend to be overvalued are ones in Universities teaching young adults pointless education that they are paying for and will do nothing for them in the real world. That is robbery if you ask me!

June 15, 2020 6:56 PM


I wish they did. I have seen some stellar teachers over the years. My son's favorite was a science teacher. When I found out what he made, I couldn't believe it. I made more than he did at the time with no college education.

June 20, 2020 9:19 PM


I think the average pay of a 5th grade teacher in my area comes out to about $16 an hour. My brother is a manager at Walmart and earns $25 an hour. I think things are clearly off here.

June 23, 2020 7:10 PM